Handmade Water Dragon Fantastic Animal Custom Wood Carving Wall Art

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Style:  Sea Dragon
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❤️I love my country! I have never regretted fighting for my country. 💪 I will always support and defend the Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies. I am proud to be an American and always believe in our country. May God bless me and all of us!

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Jormungand the Sea King

The best-known of all sea dragons is of course Jormundand. Son of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, he terrifies sailors who venture too far into the dark waters of Midgard. It is said that during Ragnarök, it is Jormungand who will fight Thor in a final fight. This dragon, although fearsome, is nonetheless a respected and impressive figure in Norse mythology. This wall decoration will be perfect for decorating a door frame or the wall of a hallway, for example.

Norse dragons of the apocalypse

Dragons are very well-known creatures in Norse mythology. These winged reptiles have a gigantic thirst for gold. Indeed, they are able to keep a treasure for hundreds of years. This is for example what the dragon Fafnir, originally a cursed dwarf, did. Its scales are impenetrable armor and its breath spits deadly fire. The only one who managed to beat Fafnir is none other than the hero Sigurd. This wooden decoration will be perfect for decorating your walls in a way that recalls your culture and the heritage of our ancestors.

Fire and ice

Dragons are mythological creatures present in Norse culture. They are respected as a symbol of power. Only true heroes can claim to face them. On this wall art is depicted the love between a fire dragon and an ice dragon. Their piercing gazes into each other's eyes. The whole forming a heart as a symbol of the love that reigns between them. Ideal decoration for your Nordic interior.

This collection focuses on capturing the beauty of nature, animals, and architecture.
I am happy to create a custom carving of your city, a meaningful landmark, yourself, a friend, or a family member for you – a carving like that will be a truly unforgettable gift!

All works are hand-carved from all-natural, luxurious wood, including oak, chestnut, ash, iroko, and jatoba, and are sealed with non-toxic antique wood wax. I never use any harmful chemicals in my work, so you can be sure that all carvings are safe and produced with the environment in mind. My style channels an old-world, antique feel, so my work is perfect for those who enjoy vintage décor and ancient artifacts.


Carvings require no special care – just dust off with a clean, dry cloth as needed. Avoid contact with water.


  • SIZE: 9*1*18cm/3.5*0.4*7.1in(The Two Dragons Are Entwined), 8*1*21cm/3.1*0.4*8.3in (Jormungand the Sea King),13*0.8*12cm/5.1*0.3*4.7in(Two dragons staring at each other)
  • Manufactured in Iroko wood quality
  • 100% ecological natural wax finishes
  • Made on demand by a craftsman, the manufacturing times for this item may therefore be longer (1-3 days)
  • Scandinavian Historical Reproduction
  • Care instructions: Does not require any special maintenance. Just wipe it over with a dry cloth to clean it when needed.
  • Decorate your home with this beautiful Dragons Wall Art

🎁This is a gift for your family, friends, and loved ones...... An expression of friendship, love, and appreciation.

❤️TIPS: If you have a disabled veteran near you who wants to return to work, please message me and I can help in some way . Thank you to all who help disabled veterans.

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